Temelio Raises 2 M€ to Bridge the Gap between the Offline World and Digital Marketing

Co-founded in 2011 by Nicolas Blandel and Bertrand Jesenberger, the French company Temelio, which develops a CRM Data Onboarding technology, has just completed the funding round of 2 million Euros led by Entrepreneur Venture and other leading business angels in the digital sphere.

Connecting online and offline customers’ identities is a strategic issue for brands. Today, when brands invest in online advertising space (banner displays, for example), it’s almost impossible for them to distinguish between their customers and their prospects, a relatively easy task in the past when direct marketing was done by mail, telephone or email. The reason behind this break is simple: in offline CRM databases, advertisers have access to well-defined data about their customers (name, first name, postal code, telephone number, and more) while on the Internet, these same individuals are tied to anonymous digital identifiers such as cookies and device IDs.


Since its creation, Temelio’s mission has been to bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds and to provide a single, comprehensive view of each consumer. In order to help brands distinguish between their online customers and prospects across different devices (computers, mobiles, tablets…), the company developed a proprietary data repository called the ID graph. To date, the ID graph contains the data of several tens of millions Internet-users, with links to all their digital IDs.


The solution enables marketers to meet different advertiser needs through a highly-efficient media targeting (reactivating inactive customers in a digital CRM database, using different strategies to reach out to customers or prospects, cross-selling to customers with high added value…), the personalization of customer experience (on-site personalization based on customer profiles without requiring a user login, the tapping into offline customer insights to drive relevant advertising messages), or the measurement of the impact of digital investments on offline sales (what proportion of the people exposed to an online campaign actually went out to buy the products in a store?).


This Series A round of 2 million Euros will allow the company to reinforce its teams, to consolidate the ID graph on mobile devices, and to continue to develop a product line based on identity resolution and on/off convergence. The funds will also start financing Temelio’s European development in 2017.          


“The CRM Onboarding market has been increasing in maturity for the past two years. This first round of financing will allow us to significantly boost our commercial and technological development and to make Onboarding scalable in other European countries. Faced with the closed advertising environments of Google and Facebook, the market needs a neutral alternative, one that makes it easier to distribute data to all types of platforms and can interoperate seamlessly with the diverse technologies of the advertising and marketing ecosystem, all in strict accordance with current European regulations concerning the collection and processing of personal data” says Nicolas Blandel, Temelio’s CEO.


“We are delighted to back Temelio’s talented team in the future stages of its development in France and in Europe. We were won over, like their many customers, by their unique and comprehensive technology, which we believe will enable them to become the leader in offline-online convergence,” adds Marouane Bahri, Investment Manager at Entrepreneur Venture.